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Custom Automation Solution Advancements at ATX West 2024

Learn the latest in custom automation design and build services for OEMs and manufacturers needing complex factory automation – including laser process automation. As the pace of manufacturing automation continues to accelerate, keeping up with the latest developments can be both exhausting and thought-provoking. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to automation to reduce labor, improve efficiency, […]

Unveiling Deeper Needs: Putting Customers First in the Custom Equipment Design & Build Process

Written by: Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design In the fast-paced business world, it’s easy to prioritize streamlined processes and criteria fit, while inadvertently shortchanging customer-centricity. As a leader in the engineering sector, I have witnessed how the relentless pursuit of technical excellence can overshadow the deeper needs of our customers. In […]

5 Tips for Getting Custom Equipment for End-Users

5 Custom Factory Automation Sourcing Best Practices

If you’re an end-user manufacturer, why go outside for custom factory automation? End-users are experts at operating factories, but typically have limited expertise and little interest in designing custom equipment. A few end-users view manufacturing equipment as a competitive advantage and feel they must use in-house equipment design expertise. For these situations, it usually still […]

How to Select a Custom Manufacturing Equipment Supplier

How to Select a Custom Automation Solution Partner

In our Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Equipment Suppliers blog – part of our How to Find the Right Custom Manufacturing Equipment Partner series – we discussed how OTS might be the right fit for you as the fastest and least expensive option. When there isn’t an OTS option, however, it’s time to determine how to get the […]

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Tips for the Early Phase for Custom Laser Processing

Mark Turner, CEO of Turner Laser Systems (TLS) has started a blog series to walk you through the key steps and challenges in laser process development. The first article focuses on the early phase when you’ve just discovered laser as a potential solution for your product. If you have been considering laser technology as a […]

Off-the-Shelf Equipment Suppliers

Off-the-Shelf Equipment Suppliers

In an earlier blog, How to Select a Custom Manufacturing Equipment Supplier, we provided a flowchart you could use to find your way to the right solution for your equipment needs. Created by our VP of Engineering with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, the chart captures the sometimes challenging decision flow involved in getting from custom […]

How to Find the Right Custom Manufacturing Equipment Partner

How to Find the Right Custom Manufacturing Equipment Supplier

Often, one of the first questions we’re asked is, “How do I decide where to design and build my custom manufacturing equipment?” It’s an important question that we’ve been answering for customers since 1983, guiding them through their primary options from doing it in house to off-the-shelf solutions to outsourcing. The Flowchart Our VP of […]