Materials Handling Expertise

Owens Design has extensive experience in market segments with highly specialized requirements for materials handling.  Whether the need is for micron-level precision placement, high throughput, small parts or roll-to-roll web handling, Owens has both the technical depth and the practical experience to help you design your new products or manufacturing equipment.


Semiconductor: Wafers and Carriers

  • All wafer sizes and types: 100mm-300mm wafers, thick, thin, and bonded wafers
  • All carrier types: FOUP’s, SMIF pods, cassettes
  • Backside- or edge-contact, and non-contact end effectors
  • Film frames, dies and die trays
  • Classes 1 cleanroom, 10-6 ultra-high vacuum, nitrogen and atmospheric environments
  • Precision alignment and placement repeatability to <5 µm

Display: Glass and Flexible Substrates

  • Glass sizes and cassettes of multiple generations
  • Concave and convex end effectors
  • Flexible roll-to-roll web
  • Precision alignment and placement repeatability to <5 µm using robotics, machine vision, and precision mechanism
  • Vacuum, nitrogen and atmospheric environments

Solar Cells

  • Crystalline-silicon and roll-to-roll thin films
  • High throughputs of 7K parts per hours
  • Use of delta pick and place robots
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Medical Devices

  • Small parts manipulation, orientation, alignment and placement: Catheters and stents, IVD consumables
  • Low and high viscosity fluids
  • Dry solids and reagent beads
  • Adhesives, sealants, and laminates
  • Glass and quartz