Outsource the design, development and manufacturing of your custom equipment with the lowest risk.

Battery Manufacturing Automation

Owens Design helps battery OEMs, end-users, startups, established manufacturers, and their respective suppliers scale for development and production in the US. New technologies require advanced tool technologies, automation and laser development that are not available through traditional battery equipment suppliers.

Our experienced engineers partner with battery manufacturers to discover the gaps or problems and develop the technology needed to execute new solutions. To date, the design, build and deployments of Owens Design cover a wide range of battery production applications including EV, home energy storage, solar, and more.


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Web Merge, Align and Stack, Furnace Tooling, Inspection, and Testing

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Cell Assembly

Aligning, Stacking, Cleaning, Welding, Marking, Inspection, and Metrology

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Electrode Processing, Cleaning, Cutting, Slitting, Trimming, Patterning, and Marking

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Inspection, Metrology EOL Testing, and Burning

Case Studies

At Owens Design, we take pride in our ability to design and build custom battery solutions for our clients. Our work spans a wide variety of battery applications, including EV batteries and home energy storage. Learn how we work closely with our clients to understand their business and optimize the transition from R&D to high volume.

Your Partner for Comprehensive Battery Solutions

Owens Design is a premier design and build partner specializing in custom automation solutions for the battery manufacturing industry. Our engineers have a unique understanding of the industry and bring decades of experience and background knowledge to each project. From optimizing the substrate processes to scaling production, our teams collaborate closely with clients to provide quality solutions with 100% delivery. 

Protecting Your Investment

The Owens Design business model is to protect your investment. With strict safeguards to protect your IP, Owens Design can be trusted with highly confidential programs. Owens Design customers own 100% of the design documentation unless specifically communicated in writing in all three phases of development:

  1. Owens Design collaborates with you to understand your application, flush out the unknowns, and develop the concept. An Owens Design project manager and system architect drive efforts in this phase.
  2. Owens Design creates full designs based off concepts from Phase 1. Once the design is locked down, your parts are ordered and the first article is built.
  3. With solid documentation, Owens Design builds out to volume.