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From Lab to Fab: SVXR’s Journey with Owens Design

Scaling E-Beam Tools into a Fab-Ready System

“They are a partner, and we have a good, open relationship…They bring a lot of different skills and capabilities to the table. They add a lot of value to the final package.”

Justin Brown, Executive VP of Operations and Equipment
X Display

“We look at them as a development partner really. They have a lot of capabilities we don’t have. It’s very much more of a partnership rather than a contract developer.”

Manufacturer of Genetic Sciences Solutions

“Our collaboration with Owens Design has resulted in an industry-leading tool with excellent performance parameters and a low cost of ownership that make it extremely attractive to our customers.”

Henrik Bækbo, CTO
Capres A/S

“I’ve been uniformly pleased in dealing with Owens Design at all levels, from the executive level to their engineering capability. I think their strength is in their breadth of well executed disciplines: from their understanding and asking the right questions, all the way through their scheduling capability, their mature ability to truly understand what it takes and how long it takes to do something. They are a critical partner for us.”

VP Product Development

“Owens Design delivers robust and dependable design and manufacturing services for the demanding semiconductor capital equipment industry. They are dependable partners that enable their customers to focus on their core capabilities and go from lab to fab with confidence and speed.”

Scott Jewler, CEO

“Within 9 months, we had an industry-compatible product which was beautiful, wonderful, fast! Owens Design was like a second home to us.”

Sylvain Muckenhirn, VP of Business Development

“Owens Design was crucial in bringing our lab-based tool into the fab. We have been very happy with the cooperation.” –

Samuel Sonderegger, CEO/Founder

“They offered a complete solution for both turnkey engineering and turnkey manufacturing.”

Program Manager

“Owens Design met our requirements on an extremely compressed schedule, contributing to our product launch being an overwhelming success.”

Program Manager
LAM Research

“We have chosen Owens Design as our partner to help reduce product development times. Owens Design provides a complete outsourcing solution.”

Rusmin Kudinar, President
Candela Instruments

“Owens Design has a very strong management team with excellent communication skills.”

Program Manager

“The fact that Owens Design provided both design and manufacturing for our product made them the superior choice.”

Dennis Scott, President
Questar Products

“It has been great to work with Owens Design on many different projects over the years. They have been great in providing performance, from their engineering groups to their service to their marketing people.”

David Setton, Program Manager

“Owens Design provided ACLARA with important engineering and manufacturing expertise to expedite the development of our Plurex Multiplexing System. We are pleased to have Owens Design as a partner.”

Dan Morrow, VP of Operations
ACLARA BioSciences

“Owens Design’s robotic solutions meant they already had 80% of what I wanted… they were well on the way.”

Group Manager

“We chose Owens Design for their experience in designing and building semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They understand the demands and specifications of working in this rigorous type of environment.”

General Manager

By going with Owens, we were confident that they would be able to execute on our very accelerated time schedule and produce a high-quality product.”

David Adler, Founder and CEO