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Semiconductor Storage & Buffer Automation


Owens Design partners with CTS to incorporate optimized material flow and automated bagging into custom semiconductor equipment for factories and OEMs

Owens Design and Turner Laser Systems

Since 2019, CTS storage and buffer solutions have successfully stored production material in KLT boxes, magazines, FOSBs, etc. in a space saving and efficient manner. The CTS Smart Warehouse was designed to create as much storage capacity as possible in as little space as possible. This was followed in 2021 by the Mini Smart Warehouse, which requires a particularly small footprint of just 4.2m x 4.2m or 4.8m x 4.8m thanks to its octagonal shape.

In conjunction with the Smart Warehouse, various AMR models (autonomous mobile robots) ensure the automatic supply and disposal or production lines and other machines and systems. In the event of unexpected delays that require buffering directly at the production line, CTS offers transfer stations, which are available in different versions.

CTS has an innovative system for packing the boxes (FOSBs) in which the wafers are placed: the AutoBagging system. All process steps are fully automated and are carried out using specially developed packaging units, test chambers, and camera inspection technology. After transportation to a factory, the packaged FOSBs can be unpacked fully automatically.


If you need to transport wafer boxes between cleanrooms of different classes, the CTS Clean Room Transporter mobile robot is designed for the transportation of sensitive products (e.g. wafer boxes) and is equipped with an on-board cleanroom attachment that is cleanroom IS03 (Class 1)-ready.

All elements of the production environment are united by the cross-platform CTS middleware sloXis®, which acts as an intelligent data hub. The software is designed to be open so that third-party hardware can be easily integrated.


Optimized Material Flow with Full Traceability

The transformation semiconductor manufacturers into a "Smart Factory" using intralogistics and production logistics is a central task to work efficiently and stay competitive. Man and machine are connected in the digital factory with an optimized flow of material and goods in production areas and full traceability.

Solution components:

  • Smart Warehouse
  • Smart Mini Warehouse
  • AMR systems
  • Transfer stations
  • Reel-Storage Center

Semiconductor Packaging

Automated Bagging that Increases Quality & Safety

The packaging of wafers for transport to a semiconductor plant (FAS) is a complex process and subject to the strictest criteria. CTS offers semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions for packing FOSBs.

CTS bagging tools significantly increase throughput, process reliability, and offer a considerable increase in quality and safety during bagging.

Solution components:

  • Cross-slot check
  • Add-on parts check
  • Inspection of all applied labels (quality and content)
  • 100% leak test
  • Reel-Storage Center