Custom Factory Equipment Engineering Services

We custom design and build automated manufacturing equipment to add quantifiable value to your factory operations. In addition to meeting our customers’ yield, productivity, safety, cycle time, or cost targets, we also ensure confidentiality of our customers’ product and process innovations. Our services include:

  • “Proof-of-process” bench top equipment through high volume, fully automated manufacturing equipment
  • Analysis of continuous flow through multiple process modules with line balancing
  • Quality assurance, verification and validation support
  • Installation, service, and spare parts support
  • Continuous improvement to support evolving factory requirements

Our extensive experience in custom manufacturing equipment design and build include:

  • Precision parts align, feed and assembly equipment
  • Inspection, metrology, sort, bin, and test systems
  • Web conversion process equipment
  • Precision dispense of high and low viscosity fluids
  • Laser-based systems for metrology, machining and processing
Caption test
Wafer heating chamber used for pre-processing