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Emerging Technologies Manufacturing Equipment Design & Build

We constantly strive to meet the manufacturing needs of emerging markets that introduce new technologies and innovative products. For example, consumer wearable devices are characterized by extremely rapid adoption, so products must be volume produced on highly accelerated schedule. At the same time, these high tech wearables require critical assembly steps that utilize a wide variety of manufacturing process technologies. These parameters make Owens Design the ideal go-to collaborator for custom manufacturing equipment.

Our projects in the emerging technologies include:

  • Virtual Reality device manufacturing line
  • Tablet display assembly
  • Advanced laser-based packaging

Our capabilities include:

  • Phased programs to align capital expense with process maturity and funding
  • Flexible automation to allow for late changes in product design or process flow
  • Process development collaboration providing process fixtures and tooling to develop process prior to architecting high volume solution

Recent Projects

  • Production line for high volume optical wearable, 36 process stations, 24 robots, 29 inspection and alignment cameras, alignment tolerances less than 25 um, adhesive dispense, corona cleaning, extensive data tracking.
  • Nanoimprint production line for process development, included coating, pattern transfer, post UV cure and bake out stations, 0.5 x 1.0 m substrate, highly configurable.
  • Laser patterning system, CO2 laser, 3D galvo scanning, roll to role material transfer.
  • Fiber optic alignment and attach, active alignment, sub-micron resolution, adhesive dispense and cure.
  • LED MoCVD deposition system loader, sapphire substrate, 100 mm to 200 mm, fully automated load & unload into blind carrier pockets, integrated machine vision.
  • Tablet screen assembly, robotic work cell to align and bond LCD display to mid-frame, automatic passing of flex cables through mid-frame, align gap to ±25 micron, bond with pressure sensitive adhesive.