Month: April 2021

Time to Replicate: when should you use a contract manufacturer (CM)?

Time to Scale: When Should You Use a Contract Manufacturer?

Congratulations: your product is a hit and the time has come to scale up production with replicable results. As an OEM, your product is selling and it’s time to ramp up. As an end-user, your product is flying off the shelves and you need to rapidly scale and automate your manufacturing to meet demand. So, you call up […]

Why OEMs should outsource product development and manufacturing

Why OEMs Should Outsource Product Development & Manufacturing

If you are an OEM, you already have great engineering and manufacturing; why would you outsource anything? This blog lists three reasons that OEMs should consider outsourcing. 1. Focus on What You Do Best Your differentiation is your IP and that’s what customers value. That is what you must do and do well. But factory […]