Month: February 2023

Valley of Death

How to Avoid the Valley of Death in Laser Technology

The valley of death is a common metaphor in funding circles for the risk-strewn phase of technology development where progress is in a three-way race against diminishing funds and a growing field of competitors swooping in. It’s especially perilous for manufacturers using lasers for the first time. Many think they can cross the valley quickly, […]

Custom Automation Conversation

Leverage Custom Automation Insights from Your First Conversation with Owens Design

Learn how Owens Design provides design and build experience, knowledge, and insights for you to leverage from day one. To choose the right design and build or factory automation partner for your project, it’s important to consider not only their quality of work but also how they work. Your first conversation with a potential design […]

Contract Manufacturing

Pros & Cons of Contract Manufacturing: Is It Right for You?

Contract manufacturing is a commonly used outsourcing model employed by companies – from start-ups to tech behemoths like Apple – to scale production and reduce overhead. But despite its ubiquitous role in the modern supply chain, contract manufacturing remains widely misunderstood and is a source of frequent disappointment for companies that rush into it without […]