Month: April 2023

Male engineers working with a factory machine

How to Reduce Custom Automated Solution Costs by 30%

Imagine that your general manager challenges you to significantly reduce the cost of your current automation tool, and gives you three months to demonstrate the cost reduction results on a first-generation prototype. Never mind going to the purchasing group: the GM has already been there, and they have already driven supplier prices down as much […]

Engineering team meeting

Solving the Manufacturing Resource Dilemma with Collaborative Development

When speaking with engineering managers, the complaint is always the same: “There’s no way we can get all of our work done with the resources I have!” The reasons vary: hiring freezes, resources tied up supporting existing products, resolving problems with the last new product, and, simply, too many projects. The two constants: customers have […]

Recession down trend graphic

How to Avoid 3 Engineering Mistakes When Facing a Downturn

Do recent drumbeats sound familiar? You know the sound: when the news becomes more dismal, you hear of customers pushing out deliveries, and requisitions suddenly take much longer to be approved. That’s the sound of a downturn on the horizon. Other than making sure your resume is polished, what should an engineering manager or project […]