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Navigating the Automation Journey: Scaling Your Production Line Effectively

By Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design In this article, I share insights gained from years in the manufacturing industry, particularly the critical transition from prototype development to full-scale production. This journey is both exciting and challenging, and understanding the stages of automation is key to successful scaling. The article breaks down […]

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How to Get Your Technology Manufacturing Startup Across the Valley of Death

The startup journey can be a perilous race to transform your lab-scale idea into a market-ready product and includes significant hurdles. The most notorious is the so-called “Valley of Death,” from which many manufacturers never escape – but there is a way to bridge the valley to penetrate the market and achieve success. Crossing the […]

SEMICON West 2023

SEMICON West: Accelerate Your Custom Equipment Design & Engineering

Meet with the Owens Design engineering team to learn how to accelerate semiconductor equipment design and development With the semiconductor market expected to reach $1,380 billion by 2029, you can’t afford delays in time to market, as you navigate supply chain uncertainty, scaling obstacles, CHIPS and EPA funding opportunities, and the need to accelerate workforce […]

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Engaging the Hidden Stakeholder in Product Development

How often have you been well down the development path only to suddenly be derailed by a new requirement? How often did that requirement come from someone you didn’t even know was a stakeholder? Changing requirements, either due to scope creep or incomplete project definitions, is one of the leading causes of late and over […]

Join Owens Design at Informa Markets Engineering West in Anaheim

EVENTFebruary 7-9, 2023 We are thrilled to announce that Owens Design will be participating at IME West February 7 – 9. Booth #4808 Use the promo code MYGUEST4808 for a free expo pass and 20% off a 2-day conference pass. About IME West Informa Markets Engineering West (IME West), home to MD&M West, WestPack, ATX […]

2023 Manufacturing & Automation Outlook

While numerous economic headwinds pose challenges for manufacturers, custom automation solutions create new opportunities for growth With increased interest rates, ongoing supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and price increases to contend with, optimism among manufacturing leaders for 2023 has “certainly declined,” as the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO said in a press […]

Webinar Robotic Solutions for Ultra Clean Environments in Pharma and SEMI

Custom Robotic Solutions for Ultra Clean Environments

WEBINAR Thursday, March 25th, 2021 10:00 AM PDT This seminar is complimentary to our Guests. Who should attend? Design Engineers Engineering Management R & D and Process Engineers Manufacturing Engineers Quality/Validation Managers Product & Ops Managers Application Engineers Introduction Machine designers have many design criteria and decisions to make that get more complicated with processes […]

5 Tips for Getting Custom Equipment for End-Users

5 Custom Factory Automation Sourcing Best Practices

If you’re an end-user manufacturer, why go outside for custom factory automation? End-users are experts at operating factories, but typically have limited expertise and little interest in designing custom equipment. A few end-users view manufacturing equipment as a competitive advantage and feel they must use in-house equipment design expertise. For these situations, it usually still […]

How to Select a Custom Manufacturing Equipment Supplier

How to Select a Custom Automation Solution Partner

In our Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Equipment Suppliers blog – part of our How to Find the Right Custom Manufacturing Equipment Partner series – we discussed how OTS might be the right fit for you as the fastest and least expensive option. When there isn’t an OTS option, however, it’s time to determine how to get the […]

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Tips for the Early Phase for Custom Laser Processing

Mark Turner, CEO of Turner Laser Systems (TLS) has started a blog series to walk you through the key steps and challenges in laser process development. The first article focuses on the early phase when you’ve just discovered laser as a potential solution for your product. If you have been considering laser technology as a […]