2023 Manufacturing & Automation Outlook

While numerous economic headwinds pose challenges for manufacturers, custom automation solutions create new opportunities for growth With increased interest rates, ongoing supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and price increases to contend with, optimism among manufacturing leaders for 2023 has “certainly declined,” as […]

Dear Startups: Manufacturing Equipment is Not for DIY!

Dear Startups: Manufacturing Equipment is Not for DIY!

Congratulations! Investors are showering you with money despite the fact you actually make something people can touch. To be successful you need to focus on your technology and IP, and of course time-to-market is everything. How do you make best use of […]

Owens Design Adds 30,000 SQFT of New Design & Manufacturing Facilities

Owens Design existing building Owens Design new manufacturing building Owens Design will expand its engineering and manufacturing capacity with additional facilities and personnel to meet their rising demand for manufacturing tools. “It’s really amazing” said Etoli Wolff, VP of Sales. “There’s been […]

Time to Replicate: when should you use a contract manufacturer (CM)?

Time to Replicate: When should you use a contract manufacturer (CM)?

At last! The time has come to scale up production. As an OEM your product is selling and it’s time to ramp. As an End User your product is flying off the shelves and you need more and bigger factories. So you […]

Why OEMs should outsource product development and manufacturing

Why OEMs should outsource product development and manufacturing

If you are an OEM, you already have great engineering and manufacturing; why would you go outside for anything? This blog lists three reasons that OEM’s should consider outsource. 1. Focus on what you do best This is a question of focus. […]

Pros & Cons of Contract Manufacturing: Is It Right for You?

Contract manufacturing is by far the most-used form of manufacturing utilized by companies across the globe in need of outsourced manufacturing services. Companies from Apple to Tesla use contract manufacturers to scale their production to levels that would be otherwise impossible in-house. […]

Decision-making flowchart to search for an optimal solution for your equipment needs

5 Tips for Getting Custom Equipment for End Users

So if you are an End User, why go outside for your factory equipment? We have found that many End Users are, of course, experts at operating factories, but they have little or no equipment design expertise, and frankly have no interest […]

Decision-making flowchart to search for an optimal solution for your equipment needs

What will you do with your custom manufacturing equipment?

In the last blog entry of this series, we talked about how to find an “off-the-shelf solution.” (OTS) But if OTS is not the right solution for you, it’s time to figure out how to get the custom machine that fits your […]

blue laser on black background - Laser Manufacturers, High-Level Contract Manufacturer, Laser Integrator, Trusted Advisor & Integrator

Tips for the early phase for laser processing

Mark Turner, CEO of Turner Laser Systems (TLS) has started a blog series to walk you through the key steps and challenges in laser process development. The first article focuses on the early phase when you’ve just discovered laser as a potential […]

Off-the-Shelf Equipment Suppliers

Off-the-Shelf Equipment Suppliers

In an earlier blog, How to Select a Custom Manufacturing Equipment Supplier, we provided a flow chart you could use to find your way to the right solution for your equipment needs. Created by our VP of Engineering with a bit of […]