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Navigating the Automation Journey: Scaling Your Production Line Effectively

By Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design In this article, I share insights gained from years in the manufacturing industry, particularly the critical transition from prototype development to full-scale production. This journey is both exciting and challenging, and understanding […]

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6 Ways to Elevate Customer Satisfaction in Custom Equipment Design & Manufacturing

Written by: Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design In custom equipment design and manufacturing, precision and coordination are paramount. The development of schedules with key milestones and the management of critical paths are not just part of a to-do […]

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5 Ways to Transform Chaos into Order: Harness the Power of Well-Defined Processes in Your Organization

Written by: Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design Company processes are the backbone of organizational success. Having navigated the complex terrain of the capital equipment sector, I’ve come to appreciate the profound impact of well-crafted processes. They might seem […]

Beyond Contract Manufacturing: The Power of Engineering Support in Maximizing Product Success

By: Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design Companies looking to outsource equipment manufacturing typically focus either on contract manufacturers or full design and manufacturing services. However, there is a better way to serve customers who fall between these categories. […]


Navigating Success: A Senior Leadership Blueprint for Mastering Project Outcomes

Written by: Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design In the ever-evolving terrain of capital equipment projects, the blueprint for success rarely comes in straight lines. Navigating this labyrinth requires more than conventional project management. It demands a senior executive’s […]

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Custom Automation Solution Advancements at ATX West 2024

Learn the latest in custom automation design and build services for OEMs and manufacturers needing complex factory automation – including laser process automation. As the pace of manufacturing automation continues to accelerate, keeping up with the latest developments can be both exhausting […]

Unveiling Deeper Needs: Putting Customers First in the Custom Equipment Design & Build Process

Written by: Lori Runyan, VP of Program Management at Owens Design In the fast-paced business world, it’s easy to prioritize streamlined processes and criteria fit, while inadvertently shortchanging customer-centricity. As a leader in the engineering sector, I have witnessed how the relentless […]

Reduce Risk & Accelerate Timelines for Custom Automation Projects: The Owens Design Phase 1

The success of custom OEM equipment design and factory automation projects depend as much on planning and strategy as it does execution. The Phase 1 from Owens Design is a process for optimizing trade-offs, identifying critical dependencies, finding requirement gaps, and developing […]

Obtaining Seed/Government Funding Your Custom Automation Project

The path to success for a manufacturing startup of complex, automated technology is never easy, no matter what the product. One of the earliest hurdles is obtaining the funding needed to realize your vision. While it may not sound as intimidating as […]

Case Study: Scaling EV Battery Production While Maintaining Laser Cutting Precision

Obtaining automated, precise cutting on a critical, fragile layer at high production volumes An EV battery manufacturing startup needed to scale their production volume to meet the growing demands of their customers. A critical step of their innovative product required precise cutting […]