How to select an equipment supplier

How to select a Custom Manufacturing Equipment Supplier

One of the first questions our clients or prospects ask us is “How do I decide where to design and build my custom manufacturing equipment?” We understand the importance of this question and have extensive experience working with our prospects to identify […]


Market Requirement Statement: Missing the Mark

The Market Requirements Statement (MRS) is a key element in an organized new product development (NPD) process. It is the yardstick by which the proposed design is evaluated. Too often, however, the MRS is given to engineering without detailed discussion and debate. […]

Owens Design Receives 2019 Best of Fremont Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fremont Award Program Honors the Achievement FREMONT, CA | SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 — Owens Design has been selected for the 2019 Best of Fremont Award in the Manufacturer category by the Fremont Award Program. Each year, the Fremont Award […]

advanced turnkey manufacturing

Advanced Turnkey Manufacturing vs. Contract Manufacturing

In our technologically complex world, there is a growing need for customized manufacturing services to meet the ever-expanding needs of emerging technology industries.  This has created a variety of manufacturing services catering to specific product and project needs. Today we’ll be discussing […]

High speed solar cutting pick and place inspection tool

Why We “Insist” on Manufacturing Our Designs

I recently had a thought-provoking conversation with a senior executive from a leading semiconductor equipment OEM. During a discussion on business strategy, I asked this longtime customer how he would describe Owens Design to his peers. His response was “an excellent engineering […]

Picture of milling block for Off-The-Shelf-vs-Custom-Equipment Blog

Off-The-Shelf vs. Custom Equipment

Depending on a company’s product design, they’ll have different manufacturing needs. In some cases, all the materials, equipment, and processes are already in place so your product will have a speedy transition to the market. This scenario would call for off-the-shelf factory […]


Pros and Cons of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is by far the most-used form of manufacturing utilized by companies across the globe in need of outsourced manufacturing services. Contract manufacturing is utilized by companies from Apple to Tesla to scale their production to levels that would be otherwise […]


Cutting Design Costs with Owens Design CEO, John Apgar

Over the years, Owens Design has mastered the art of product development- reducing design costs while simultaneously producing high-quality, peak-performance semiconductor equipment designs. Through optimizing operations in our company’s day-to-day processes and unique staffing methodologies, we have pinpointed some counter-intuitive elements that […]

Picture with lined drawings for Design to cost Blog

Balancing Act: Design-to-cost gives users the upper hand in product development

Successful product development requires achieving the proper balance between cost, performance, and schedule. For capital equipment OEMs, cost is a high-priority issue and often the difference between winning or losing. Studies have shown that most product cost is determined during the early […]


4 Stages of Automation to Help Scale Your Production Line

Once a company or startup has succeeded in developing a working prototype and market for the new product, the next question is “How do I scale my production?” It’s not an easy transition from prototype development to go for full production. To […]