Outsource the design, development and manufacturing of your custom equipment with the lowest risk.

Custom Automation Equipment Videos

See how Owens Design designs, engineers and manufacturers complex custom equipment for your critical programs with minimal risk on accelerated schedules in the videos below:

Short Virtual Tour of Owens Design

CMTA Tours Silicon Valley’s Owens Design

From Lab to Fab: SVXR’s Journey with Owens Design

Scaling E-Beam Tools into a Fab-Ready System

Learn more about custom semiconductor automation

Custom Automation by Owens Design

Learn more about custom semiconductor automation

Semiconductor Macro Defect Inspection Module

Learn more about wafer macro defect inspection

Semiconductor Spin Coater for Wafer on Film Frame

Learn more about wafer film frame handling

Flexible Robotic Work cell for Server Assembly

Learn more about work cell for robotic server assembly

Batch Glass Tube Exchange

High Speed Solar Cell Binning (7200 pph)

Learn more about high speed solar cell binning

Semiconductor Wafer Flip Module

See Semiconductor Wafer Flipper Specifications

Semiconductor Wafer Film Frame Handling

Learn about custom semi film frame handling

Hard Disk Media PVA Brush Clean Module

Learn more about hard disk drive media scrubber

Electrical Strip Assembly and Test

Semiconductor Wafer Wet Cleaning System

Learn more about semiconductor cleaning automation

Solar Cell Cassette Loading Into High Temp Furnace

Owens Design Overview

Disk Media Automation End Effector Swap

Hard Disk Drive Media Cleaning Production Line

Learn more about high volume hard disk drive media cleaning