Hard Disk Drive Media Cleaning Custom Automation Solution

Hard disk drive media cleaning requirements continues to get more challenging with the continuing decrease in flying heights, thinner carbon and the proliferation and small form factors and glass substrates. Owens Design has developed and installed numerous customized disk cleaning tools, designed to the customer defined process. We have existing solutions for small form factors and cleaning processes compatible with aluminum and glass. Our proven disk and cassette handling designs are used in processing over 60% of the worlds current hard disk media. Our equipment is well known within the industry for its excellent engineering, extremely high reliability, and ease of service.

Owens Design has developed custom scrubbing, drying, and immersion modules as well as fully automated clean-lines to meet the needs of the hard disk media needs.

Existing solutions include

  • Single disk and batch systems
  • Fully automated cassetted, cassette-less and bulk cleaning systems
  • Single and double Scrubber modules
  • Ultrasonic and Megasonics Modules
  • High pressure spray and quick dump rise
  • Spin Rinse and Marangoni drying
  • 27mm to 95mm, Al and glass substrates
  • High Reliability and High Throughput
  • Stainless, PFA, or Quartz Tanks
  • 1, 2 or 4-sided Overflow Design
  • High Flow, Low Turbulence Recirculation Systems

Hard Disk Drive Media Custom