Webinar Recording: Bridging the Valley of Death in Laser Manufacturing & Automation

A strategic guide to navigate the tricky terrain of laser technology


Laser manufacturing is gaining popularity in manufacturing for its unique advantages: quality, reliability and longevity. However, unaware of the tricky nature of laser automation, unsuspecting manufacturers often fall into the "Valley of Death" – jeopardizing their entire program and leading them to detrimental outcome. Our recent webinar, "The Valley of Death in Laser Manufacturing & Automation" helps you navigate the tricky terrain of laser technology.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of critical mistakes and assumptions made by product developers and manufacturers when venturing into laser automation
  • Learn step-by-step on how to strategica­lly approach laser manufacturing to minimize risk, maximize ROI and avoid costly shortcuts that can cause your program to plummet into the Valley of Death
  • Learn about cutting edge laser manufacturing in glass and key applications

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