Custom Wafer Handling Mechanisms

The challenges in providing exceptional wafer handling systems have never been greater. The complexity of these systems have dramatically increased as throughputs have risen, 300 mm standards are implemented, and backside contamination has gained importance. Owens Design has specialized in providing innovative wafer handling solutions that meet these challenging requirements. Owens Design has provided solutions for wafer sizes from 100 mm to 300 mm and for many specialized environments where standard wafer handling components do not work.

Owens Design has developed vacuum robots, load ports, CMP wafer handling mechanisms, wafer cleaning mechanisms, end effectors, and low contamination heating / cooling platens. Each of these solutions have been provided as a turnkey module either standalone or integrated within a larger system.

Our rigorous engineering and test methodologies result in outstanding reliability and low service costs. In-depth understanding of industry standards and end user factory environments provide assurance that our solutions will enhance your product and accelerate your development timeline.