Atlas 450 Metrology Automation Platform

Emerging Needs

After much debate, it is now clear that leading semiconductor fabs will require 450mm capable systems to scale economically in the near future. However, 450mm systems are unlikely to go into volume production for many more years requiring tool vendors to continue to support existing platforms while simultaneously developing 450mm platforms. The result is a large, yet temporary, need for the tool vendor to increase their platform engineering staff. In addition, there are substantial differences between 300mm and 450mm SEMI standards which create significant risk of non-compliance.

The Solution

Partnering with Owens Design for your 450mm platform will reduce internal staffing requirements while guaranteeing your platform is designed by experts with an extensive track record of developing semiconductor tools. In fact, Owens has developed more semiconductor metrology and inspection platforms that any other service provider. We guarantee that our design is compliant with SEMI 450mm standards. If it doesn't pass third party certification, we will fix it at our expense. Finally, partnering with a semiconductor platform expert for your 450mm development allows your staff to focus on scaling your core technology while continuing to support your existing production and legacy tools. Give Owens Design a call to learn more about how we can help ease your 450mm transition.

Wafer Sizes

  • Wafer Sizes: 300mm, 450mm
  • Substrate Types: Silicon

Repeatability (measured at wafer hand-off location)

  • X,Y,Z axis: +/- 300 µm
  • Theta axis: 0.1 degree


  • Front side: < 0.05 particles @ 0.10 µm, PWP
  • Back side: < 100 particles @ 0.10 µm, PWP
  • Airborne: No degradation to ISO Class 1 environment


  • MTBF > 10,000 hrs
  • MTBS > 6 months
  • MTBI > 1000 hrs
  • MTTR < 2 hrs

Interface / Facilities

  • Wafer and Carrier Identification
    • OCR (Cognex 1721)
    • Carrier Auto ID
  • UI: 15" Touch Screen, Trackball, Keyboard
  • Facilities
    • 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 amp