ATE Calibration Robot - R-Theta

As ATE pin counts increase and timing requirements become more stringent Validation and Focused Calibration are best performed by a Calibration Robot.

The Calibration Robot is used in conjunction with an oscilloscope, TDR or TDM instrument to validate tester signal performance or to perform a calibration at the test head. Commanded by the tester the robot automatically moves the probe tip to the desire DIB pad locations. The measured signal always travels though the same cable path to maximize signal repeatability. The low weight of the robot makes it portable and easy to use.

Robots are customized to interface with specific ATE models. Customization enables us to accommodate the different communication and mechanical interface requirements of the testers. A variety of probe types are supported.

  • Resolution: 0.0025 inches radial; 0.075° theta
  • Accuracy: ±0.005 inches radial; ±.015 inches theta @ 6" radius
  • Travel time: 1 second between adjacent pads
  • Probe Area: 360°, 12.5" maximum diameter
  • Registration: Self registers to load board
  • Probe type- customizable: 50 ohm coaxial, Resistor divider, Active
  • Active Weight: ~20 lbs
  • Communications: Serial, parallel or GPIB