High-Speed EV Battery Inspection Platform Is an Industry Breakthrough

Liminal Insights is a battery manufacturing intelligence provider of advanced insights for cell manufacturers. Based in Emeryville, California, the company’s automated EchoStat® platform is described as a breakthrough in its efforts toward “accelerating the global adoption of electric vehicles through mass-scale deployment of its sophisticated combination of ultrasound and machine learning analytics for EV battery quality assurance.”

The Situation

Liminal was seeking mass-scale production of its sophisticated platform for EV battery quality assurance.

The Challenges

As co-founder and CEO Andrew Hsieh described in a press release, the industry had been relying on the same tools and methods of quality and reliability testing as those used for cell phone batteries.

“This is despite EV batteries being orders of magnitude larger, being produced at vastly larger scales, and requiring much greater levels of performance and reliability than cell phone batteries,” Hsieh said. “The industry desperately needs new and better data throughout cell manufacturing, along with advanced analytics to intelligently use that data. At Liminal, we see an opportunity to elevate in-process testing beyond simply pass/fail, and instead to leverage rich, multi-dimensional data throughout manufacturing to enable more efficient, reliable production of high-performance EV batteries.”


The Solution

The groundbreaking inspection platform EchoStat, is “the first and only in-line, high-speed inspection solution,” the press release says, providing “leading-edge battery cell manufacturers and auto OEMs with a detailed look inside EV batteries.”

EchoStat Overview Video